Dr. Pro. Noumowe Nachambou

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 Dr. Pro. Noumowe Nachambou, dean of the faculty of science and tennics, gave a lecture on 22th, Sep. for civil engineering students. It contents:

1.Introduction to the faculty for sciences and technologies

2.Research activities at the laboratory for mechanics and materials for civil engineering applications

 Dr. Pro. Noumowe Nachambou who enpowermented to lead concrete and elevated temperature-Mechanical properties and Microstructure research works in University of Cergy-Pontoise. As a dean of the  faculty of science and tehnics, he introduced the faculty and research groups : there are 8 departments in , (Biology, Chemistry,Civil engineering, Electric and industrial computer sciences engineering, Geosciences,Computer sciences, Mathematics, Physics), 12 research laboratories (AGM, ERRMECE,ETIS, GEC, LAMBE, LCB, LERMA, LPMS, LPPI, LPTM, L2MGC, SATIE)  .