Spring comes after auspicious Snow

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 In 26-28th Jan, 2015 there was a big snow in Hangzhou ,the following pictures were taken by doctor Wen in Xiao Heshan campus. The buildings, plants and the roads covered by white, glittering and translucent snow. The school like an bashful bride with delicate gown. Everything became quiet and mysterious, even the sparrow and the squirrel.

XIAO HESHAN --Docotr Wens pictures taken on 28th, Jan

Our school closed 10-15 days befor Chinese new years day and will be opened again 15 days after that.

The following pictures were taken by doctor Wen Xianming, the beautiful flower called MEI HUA which may corresponding to English name plum blossom. It is a kind of flower that like cold weather and snow. Flower fhase lasts half month, and the colors are white, pink, red and yellow. In China, because its characteristic, people worship it as JUNZI who has high reputations. And it is also considered as a symbol of springs coming.

So now ,dear boys and girls, as the spring comes, are you ready for your new semester?