Students majoring in urban and rural planning won a prize……

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Recently, the second college students in Zhejiang province landscape design contest at Zhejiang Wanli University came to an end. Our college students won a two prize, 2 third-prize, 4 Award for outstanding achievement.

The competition lasted six months, a total of 15 institutions attended the province, nearly 300 pieces have been received. Our college has mobilized and organized nearly 100 students to compete,trained the students good team work and competition consciousness, enhanced the enthusiasm of students to participate in innovative practices.

In April 24th, our college held a school award ceremony. Zhan Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of the College, Vice dean Wu Jianhua and vice secretary of the Party committee Mr. Li Jianxun,awarded honorary certificates to the winners of the school competition and praised them. They encouraged the students for a wonderful future.