Professor Spyros Amourgis and Professor Julia Georgi…..

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 In May, two foreign teachers in our college, Professor Spyros Amourgis from Academy of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece and Professor Julia Georgi of the University of Cyprus Neapolis have come to our school teaching. Professor Amourgis stayed in China for a month, Professor Georgi for half a month.

The two professors are extremely conscientious, although it is not the first time to come to our school to teach, but before coming to China, the two professors still repeated communication details of teaching, before teaching, formulate comprehensive plans. Two professors believe that they come to China not only to complete the teaching work of students, but also to interact and communicate with the Chinese teachers, and to integrate the teaching ideas and methods of China and the west. Every time after class, professors use their spare time to discuss professional issues with our professors.

They took the major courses of architecture and urban planning, and carried out many academic reports and lectures on students' design. They integrate their professional experience into teaching.

In addition, two professors also conduct lectures and impart experiences to students studying abroad. Many students were accepted by Harvard Universitythrough the guidance and recommendation of Professor Amourgis.The two professors also discussed the teaching plan optimization and the teaching evaluation and so on. Professor Georgi also on behalf of the school and our Institute on undergraduate cooperation projects conducted preparatory work.

The two professors plan to come to China again in November, we expect them to bring a more wonderful knowledge feast for our teachers and students!