2017 undergraduate degree awarding ceremony

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         June 15th afternoon, the 2017 undergraduate degree awarding ceremony of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture was held ceremoniously in the West lecture hall of the library. The 2017 graduate of the college, full of joy, ushered in the celebration of his life.

Zhan Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, first introduced the leaders and teachers who attended the degree awarding ceremony, and then read out the list of degree awarding groups in turn.The graduates came to the stage in formal bachelor's clothes. Vice Dean of the college Wu Jianhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college Li Jianxun, ,Professional leaders Fang Xuming, Wang Jimin, Zhu Wenfang five teachers on the right side of the rostrum, a line of congratulations shook hands with graduates from the podium. Members of the school degree committee stand in the middle of the rostrum, and shake hands with each other in the order of 10 students,10 students were awarded degree certificates and dialed spike respectively. The students on both sides of the platform took their certificates and solemnly bowed to the teachers to express their affection for the teachers. At the same time, they had a happy smile on their faces. After the spike was finished, the headmaster, Mr. Ye Gaoxiang, took a group photo with his classmates.

At the end of the awarding ceremony, Mr. Zhan Jun on behalf of all the teacher made a genuine and sincere speech. He hope that students out of the campus, relax vision, hard work, enterprising, do more quality projects, for the alma mater to add luster, and welcome graduates often go back to his alma mater.

        It is learnt that in the past two years, the Construction Institute of more than 160 graduates were admitted to universities at home and abroad, Including Harvard University, Tsinghua University and other elite. This also created the history of the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, not only the rate of graduate entrance examination (at home and abroad) ranked first in the whole school, students enrolled in graduate students are also higher levels of higher education.