Academic report by Professor Cheng Hongda

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At 9:30 in the morning of June 11th, Professor Cheng Hongda, Dean of the Institute of engineering, University of Mississippi, was invited to visit our college and to do the theme report on "theoretical calculation method of porous media in saturated soil foundation".The relevant teachers and graduate students of civil engineering specialty participated in this academic activity.

Before the lecture, the college leaders and Professor Cheng Hongda exchanged in-depth views on various aspects such as discipline construction and college development.In the lecture, Professor Cheng Hongda introduced in detail the theoretical calculation method of porous media in saturated soil foundation, expounded its principle, and explained it vividly.After the lecture, Professor Cheng gave a detailed and detailed answer, and discussed with Professor Xue Wen vice president about graduate teaching.The lecture received a great harvest from all teachers and students, and the lecture was successfully completed.

Brief introduction to the rapporteur:

Cheng Hongda, male, received a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from National Taiwan University in 1974, received a master's degree in civil engineering from Columbia - University of Missouri in 1978, and received doctor of the Department of civil and environmental engineering, Nell University in 1981.He is the president of the Institute of engineering at University of Mississippi, a member of the visiting professor and Academic Committee of the Wessex Institute, an honorary professor of Engineering Department of the Royal College of University of Aberdeen in Scotland, a consultant professor of the Hunan University School of water and electricity engineering, a visiting fellow of the National National Taiwan University Science Academy, the largest oil field in the world.TRANSPORT IN POROUS MEDIA (TIPM) vice editor, deputy editor in chief editor of JOURNAL OF MECHANICS (JM) magazine of University of Cambridge, editor in chief of JOURNAL OF MECHANICS (JM) magazine, chief editor of ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH.