Academic report of Professor Chen Shengli

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       At 10 a.m. on June 5th, Professor Chen Shengli, Department of civil and environmental engineering, Louisiana State University, was invited to visit our college and to do the academic report on the "theoretical calculation method of porous media in saturated soil foundation".Civil engineering graduates and related teachers participated in this academic activity.

In addition to the detailed introduction of theoretical and Numerical Research on the problem of small hole dilatation in the critical state, Professor Chen Shengli also shared the methods and preparations for the application of the well-known American university graduate students.

After the lecture, Professor Chen Shengli made a heated discussion with the teachers and students on the academic issues, and discussed the work on the training of graduate students in the United States, and the atmosphere was very warm. The lecture received a great harvest from all teachers and students, and the lecture was successfully completed.

Brief introduction to the rapporteur:

Chen Shengli,male,born in November 1974 in Wenling,Zhejiang.He graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Zhejiang University in 1995 and received his bachelor's degree. He received his doctorate degree in structural engineering in 2000.From September 2002 to December 2006, he was taught at the Civil Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and was promoted to associate professor in August 2003. In January 2007, he went to University of Oklahoma (OU) and received his doctorate degree in petroleum engineering in December 2012.From February 2013 to August 2014, he worked as an oil Engineer for the Houston research and development center of Saudi Arabian national oil company.Since August 2014, he has been an assistant professor of geotechnical engineering in the civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Louisiana State University (LSU).At present, he is also a member of the engineering mechanics branch of the American Society of civil engineers, "elastic mechanics Specialized Committee" and "porous media mechanics Specialized Committee", and the deputy editor of the Journal of the Petroleum Engineer Association.

Dr. Chen Shengli's main research directions include the theory of porous media of rock and soil, elastic and plastic expansion theory and its numerical simulation, soil and structure interaction and pile foundation engineering, and theoretical research on hydraulic fracturing in petroleum engineering. In recent years, more than 30 international papers have been published in these fields.