Teaching and Application of Building Information Model (BIM) under the Background of Internet +

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 Release date: 2010.10.19

    The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture held the "Internet + Background Building Informationization Model (BIM) Teaching and Application Teaching Salon" in C2-318 in the afternoon of October 18, 2018. This teaching salon aimed to improve the quality of practical teaching in the college, promote the construction of the curriculum system to meet the needs of the industry, improve the quality of personnel training and the employability of students. The teachers and students of the school were actively participating.

    The salon lecture was given by Chen Zhe, a BIM lecturer of Hangzhou Pinming Security Information Technology Co., Ltd..  the seminar was launched from several aspects, such as scenario application of Pingming BIM, collaboration platform, development trend of talent demand in construction industry, BIM teaching mode and solutions in universities. The participants had an in-depth discussion on the construction of BIM curriculum system, the integration of BIM personnel training with industry needs, and successful engineering cases designed by BIM, which were closely related to daily teaching and personnel training framework. 

    The teaching salon was rich and vivid in content. It not only kept up with the latest developments of the construction industry, but also closely connected with the reform of education and teaching under the background of the Internet. It had a great promoting effect on opening up the horizon of teachers and students, pushing forward the educational and teaching reform of various specialties in the college, constructing the curriculum system and renewing the training mode of talents.



School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

October 19, 2018