Students of participated in the Innovation Competition

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On December 15 and 16, 2018, under the leadership of Ye Liang and Teng Yifeng, five students of grade 17 in Engineering Cost Specialty of our college formed a team and participated in the first digital construction and engineering management innovation competition of college students in Zhejiang Province. The competition was sponsored by the Academic Committee of Engineering Management of Zhejiang Civil Architecture Society, sponsored by Zhejiang University of Technology, co-sponsored by Hangzhou Pingming'an Control Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wanbang Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and Hualin Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd. The participants were mainly undergraduates and postgraduated of Engineering management, as well as some civil engineering and architecture students. After anonymous review and on-site defense, Hema Haina, Huang Yanhao, Xu Jiale, Qi Wenlu and Xu Yu won the third prize of the undergraduate group.

The theme of this competition was building information model (BIM), assembly building, green building and other hot spots of current project management innovation. It aimed to cultivate college students’ innovative thinking and scientific research ability, team spirit, and enhance their innovative and practical ability in the field of digital construction and engineering management.
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
December 20, 2018