Urban and rural planning major won the prize

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        On December 21, Zhejiang Landscape Architecture Society sponsored the 8th "Landscape Human Settlements" Forum, which was held at Nade Hotel in Hangzhou. The theme of the forum was: Park City, Harmonious Coexistence of Man and Nature. The forum is chaired by Professor Shi Defa, Chairman of the Provincial Landscape Architecture Society and Head of the Department of Urban and Rural Planning. Professor Jia Jianzhong, Secretary-General of the Chinese Landscape Architecture Society, Professor Wang Xiangrong, Professor Shi Diandong, Professor of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, and many other senior experts and scholars in China were invited to give lectures. In addition, the leaders of Landscape Architecture Society of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui in the Yangtze River Delta also participated in the forum. The forum was rich in content, diverse in types, profound in connotation, wide in scope and large in scale. More than 300 people from landscape management departments, research institutes, universities, design units and construction enterprises all over the province participated in the forum. Teachers and students of urban and rural planning specialty and environmental art specialty of Art College of our school were invited to attend the forum. They have a clear understanding of the development of urban and rural landscape construction in our province at this stage and have benefited a lot.

On December 22, the 3rd "Xiaoxiang Cup" award ceremony of the College Student Design Competition of Zhejiang Landscape Architecture Society was held in Bauhinggang Campus of Zhejiang University. The theme of the contest wasrehabilitation of abandoned land and landscape planning and design.The students majoring in urban and rural planning in our school won two third-class awards. The award-winning students were Chen Xiaomin, Jiang Yiqin, Hu Jie (work title: ink and paper inkstone painting mine, instructor: Guo Li, Shi Defa) and Yang Mengxue, Li Juan (work title: kiln "moving" flowers blooming, instructor: Guo Li, Shi Defa). The competition aimed at cultivating students’ creative thinking and improving their comprehensive ability to solve practical problems.