Celebration of International Working Women's Day

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    Female staff celebrated the International working women’s day on 8th, March , 2019.

With the continuous progress of the times, many women have become more and more independent from feudal ideas. And independence makes women more confident and beautiful. But not all independent women can take good care of themselves in life.

To appreciate the female staff’s hard and excellent working in the school, we celebrated the day with flower and lectures.

A lecture held on for them, it contents: The Significance of Makeup, the Characteristics of Plain Makeup, the Cognition of Face Shape, the Orientation of Makeup Color, the Orientation of Makeup Effect, the Demonstration and Exercise of Makeup, the Colour Matching of Clothing, etc. Yu Xun, Color & Image Management Expert and Vice President of Zhejiang Image Design Association.

Every year, March 8 is International Working Women's Day. We wish all female friends a happy holiday!