2019 Excellent Graduates of Engineering Cost Specialty

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 On the evening of May 16, 2019, the School held the 2019 Symposium of Excellent Graduates of Engineering Cost Major in A2-114. Professor Ye Liang, the director and head of Engineering Cost Specialty, Mr. Teng Yifeng, Mr. Chen Yongguo and Mr. Liu Li participated in the project, and students of 2016 and 2017 engineering cost participated actively.

The meeting was held in accordance with the employment, postgraduate entrance examination, overseas graduate representatives in turn, to introduce their own experience in obtaining offers in their respective directions. Representatives of outstanding graduates who continued to pursue advanced studies introduced in detail the contents that should be paid attention to at all stages of postgraduate review, entrance examination, preliminary examination and re-examination, and actively answered the questions of younger students .

2019 is the first graduate of Engineering cost. Over the past four years, teachers and students have made concerted efforts and made good achievements in teaching professional courses, scientific research projects, national and provincial science and technology competitions.

Through this activity, all teachers and students hope that the students majoring in Engineering cost can be better helpers. They passed the postgraduate entrance examination, going abroad, employment and so on, they should remember the identity of students of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture of ZUST.

Teachers like Mr. Ye and Mr. Liu sincerely thanked the graduate representatives who had offered the activities and wished them all the best and returned to their alma mater many times in the future.