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 On May 12, 2019, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology organized a cultural tour to two famous and interesting places (Zhangwu Town and Zhejiang Museum of Natural History) for international students. From a student’s perspective, it was a fun, exciting and fascinating cultural tour.


Anji branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum of Natural History is one of the largest nature museums in Asia. It was designed by the world-famous architectural designer, David Chipperfield architects.

Behring Hall--Dialogues from Afar

 With the theme of “Dialogues from Afar”, the Behring Hall included five sections: “Hot Africa”, “Cold North America”, “Brotherly Affinity”, “Adaptive Evolution” and “Crisis and Hope”. By contrasting different eco-environments and animal species in Africa and North America, the Hall displayed a colorful wildlife from tectonic plate movement, sea-level fluctuation, animal diffusion and adaptive evolution so that students and other visitors could get to know lives in a larger spatial-temporal scale, understand and respect nature and biodiversity.

Ecology Hall--Call of Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains

Themed “Call of Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains”, the Hall included three units, “Life Support System--Ecosystem”, “Value of Ecosystem” and “Ecological Zhejiang”. With the philosophy of “Mountains, waters, forests, fields, lakes and grasslands are a community of life”, and “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, the Hall aims to make the visitors recognize the importance of constructing eco-civilization with diorama, multimedia and interactive devices to elaborate on the relevant knowledge of ecology and to guide them to visualize the impact of human activities on the ecosystem and subsequent crisis and to think about how human beings and nature can coexist harmoniously.


Dinosaur hall - Returning to the era of dinosaurs

The hall showcased the most representative dinosaurs in the world and their lives, as well as dinosaurs in Zhejiang province in detail. In a timeline, the hall introduced the most representative dinosaurs in the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous with fossil specimens, full skeleton restoration, restored models, diorama and multimedia, as well as the physiology and relatives of dinosaurs.

Geology Hall -- Zhejiang Land in Two Billion Years

Starting from “A Long Journey”, the Hall displayed the stories happening in Zhejiang in four units, i.e. “Ancient Land of Zhejiang”, “Stories of Global Stratotype Section and Point) in Zhejiang”, “Basins and Volcanoes”, “Modern Morphogenesis and Prehistoric People of Zhejiang”. With space-time narrative, the Hall vividly unfolded the background knowledge of earth structure, geological age, biological evolution, continental transformation and climate change in an epic of 2 billion years on the land of Zhejiang.



With a population of 11,500, Zhangwu Town is listed as one of Historic Towns of China and Traditional Villages of China. Furthermore, Zhangwu Town is one of National Environmental Beautiful Towns. This ancient and amazing place is home to Wu Changshuo(吴昌硕)who has deep attainments in poetry, calligraphy, painting and Chinese seal. With a history of 70 years, fan-making is a characteristic industry of Zhangwu Town and is developing rapidly. Now its products has taken 1/3 share of domestic market and are sold to different countries and regions in the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. It is fair to say that Zhangwu is the hometown to fans. 

With all been said during the tour, pictures tell the best tale in describing how exciting the tour was.