Wang Zaosheng, President of China Construction Supervision Association hold a lecture

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 On the afternoon of May 24, Wang Zaosheng, President of China Construction Supervision Association and former Director of Urban Management Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction, was invited to give a lecture entitled "Planning, Building and Managing Cities Well, It's a Long Way to Go" in the A3-125 staircase classroom. The lecture was presided over by President Luo Zhanyou. Vice-President Wanjian, Communist Party Secretary of our school Yang Jianhui and more than 100 teachers and students from our school attended and listened to the lecture.

President Wang's lecture focused on the two themes of "understanding, respecting and conforming to the law of urban development" and "the key work of urban planning and construction management". He shared his views on the law of urban development and urban construction management with teachers and students, which provided many valuable experiences for our students in their future study and work.

Finally, in the interactive question-and-answer session, President Wang gave detailed and brilliant answers to several questions, such as "muti-integration", "construction of urban characteristics", "development of Hangzhou" and "house price", and won constant applause from teachers and students. (Urban Planning Teaching and Research Office)