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Thursday, the 16th of May 2019 was once again, the time of the year when the fate of the fourth year Civil Engineering students of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology was going to be decided. The event took place in the afternoon on the 3rd floor of A1 building.

Two classes of students were going for the final presentation of their thesis, the ultimate work of the 4-year journey full of happiness, joy, commitment, sacrifice, hard work and pressure.


This amazing journey started in 2015, when students from different continents gathered in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in Hangzhou, the beautiful capital city of Zhejiang province.

The topics ranged from the design of multistory buildings, villasto research aboutleaching of concrete exposed to NO3. The students were divided into 3 groups with 4-5 judges in each. By the end of the day, the heavy pressure that surrounded the whole campus dissipated without a trace leaving place to joy with a passing percentage of 100%.

Like the saying, you can only have the rainbow after the rain, we will bid you goodbye until the celebration of the graduation Gala.