The Summer Tourism Activities were successfully completed

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    In July 2019, our school sent two groups of summer tour teams to France and Japan for study tours. Among them, 34 civil engineering (Chinese and French) students went to Paris, France, accompanied by two leading teachers; 22 students from architecture and urban and Rural Planning Majors went to Kitakyushu, Japan, accompanied by two leading teachers.

Tourist activities in France began on June 31 and ended on July 21. French tourism was a combination of learning and tourism. Under the French teaching environment, students received French training with listening and speaking as the main training content, and used French to express and communicate. During the tour, the students went to Paris's residential construction site and subway construction site, and experienced the modern construction site of safety, neatness, standardization and standard firsthand; held the course design competition of spaghetti modeling bridge; visited the Eiffel Tower and a series of famous humanistic and artistic landscapes. This tour runs through French language, history and professional knowledge. It had an excellent guide for students to learn French and the application of civil engineering. Students can use what they have learned to deal with the new world during the whole trip. Let them face strange environment, face problems, face difficulties to learn how to deal with, how to solve.

The study tour in Japan began on July 3 and ended on July 12. The course was divided into two parts: visiting and learning. The main place of study tour was Kitakyushu City. As one of the four major industrial cities in Japan, it is the birthplace of modern industry in Japan. During the tour, students participated in a series of training on urban environmental cycle and low-carbon life, such as Beijiu state Eco-city, Beijiu state Urban Development History Theme Speech, Future Urban Environmental Education Theme Hall, etc. They visited Toyota's Beijiu state Production Plant, TOTO Museum, Beijiu state State University and Waseda University. Kyushu University of Technology and other top Japanese universities. Students experienced the pure atmosphere of higher education in Japan during their travels. While fully learning and understanding the natural customs and humanistic characteristics of Kyushu, Japan, they explored the current situation of the construction, industry, civil engineering, environment and other industries of this industrial power. Thus, while traveling, students were well informed and fully appreciate the pluralistic world of "chrysanthemum and knife" which we have been longing for.