International undergraduates Programs



The University of Cergy-Pontoise – UCP – is a national university among 17 national universities in the Paris area.  The UCP is an attractive centre of teaching and research which hosts international students interested in studying in France during a semester, an academic year or a longer stay to obtain a degree. UCP is a cultural, scientific and vocational establishment whose faculties include major disciplines such as law, economics and management, international studies and modern languages, humanities, science and technology, and science of education.  UCP also hosts Institute of Technology (IUT), Teacher Training College (ESPE), and Institute of Political Studies (IEP). Every High school Chinese graduates can apply for entering this class from 2013. Most of the courses of this class are given in French. Cooperative school is Cergy-Pontoise University.






French association,sponsored by the students from the first sino-france class, aims to create a French ambiance for all French learners and thus provide communications occasions for all French speakers. Association now has already more than 50 members and it organizes regularly cultural activities to enhance people's interest in learning French.


French cultural festival was held by the French Association on May 17th. The theme was "French cuisine" and it took place at Anji campus for the first time. French Association invited a French teacher named Stephan and a Chinese counselor Mrs. Zhao to join them. The students learned t bake the French food and Stephane brought to the students delicious coffee from France. They tasted delicious French food and chatted about French culture.