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Civil Engineering International Class:Cooperative school is San Francisco State University. All courses of this class are given in English. The students can choose to study in San Francisco State University after they finish the first two-year study and they will get the diploma from this school. Or the students who prefer to continue studing in ZUST will get the diploma from ZUST.

The purpose of this major is to train high-level application-oriented senior engineering technicians, who can grasp the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills in relevant branches of civil engineering design, construction, research and management. During the 4-years’ study, the graduates of this major receive basic training for being registered engineers and reached the requirements to be a trainee civil engineer.


Enrollment Advantage
Civil Engineering discipline is the provincial key subject.
Civil Engineering has the authority to launch graduate program of first-level discipline.
Civil Engineering is the provincial key constructive specialty and the national extraordinary constructive specialty.


Main courses
Introduction to Civil Engineering
Engineering Drawing & Computer Aided Drawing
Theoretical Mechanics
Material Mechanics
Civil Engineering Materials
Building Architecture
Principal Theory of Steel Structure
Foundation Engineering
Civil Engineering Construction
Masonry Structures
Design of Building Steel Structures
Civil Engineering Budget Estimate
High-building Structures and Earthquake Resistance
Appraisal and Reinforce of Engineering Structure
Development and Management of Real Estate, etc.

Graduation Orientation
The graduates of this major mainly work on the field of civil engineering design, research, construction, education, management, investment and so on. The graduates can work in the infrastructure sector of some Design and Research Institute, Construction Units, Supervision Companies or Real Estate Companies after graduation, and also work on the relative vocation of civil engineering in the Municipal, Transportation, Finance or Education Departments.

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SFSU campus is located on more than 141 acres in a beautiful corner of San Francisco, just one mile from the Pacific Ocean and 15 minutes from downtown. The transportation here is easy; Iit is easily accessible by car, BART, Muni and SamTrans.