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Hangzhou spot

Hangzhou is known as "paradise on earth" since ancient times. Mountains, springs, lakes, bridges, pagodas and temples are all available. The world's impression of Hangzhou is full of beautiful words, whether natural lakes, mountains or historical sites.Whether the first time to Hangzhou or the local people will go to the West Lake for a walk, but everyone just took a look around, this article will tell you how to visit the West Lake.


West Lake broken bridge

Have you heard that the broken bridge is going to be broken? Popularize knowledge points! Broken bridge is only when it snows in winter. Seen from gemstone mountain, broken bridge seems to be connected with lake water, so broken bridge keeps on.If we go to West Lake, Broken Bridge is the first stop to punch in. Crossing Broken Bridge and Brocade Bridge. Walking along the Baidi, the peach and willow trees along the bank are stretching out in succession.



Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake

After walking the Baidi, Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake arrives. It is also one of the best viewing spots for the panoramic view of the West Lake.


Gushan Branch of Zhejiang Museum

After visiting the autumn moon of Pinghu Lake, we can go to Gushan Branch of Zhejiang Museum, which is the first museum in Hangzhou. Locals will ignore the museum when visiting the West Lake, because it looks really old and small.

Wen Lan Ge

After coming out of the museum exhibition hall, we can sneak into the Royal Second-hand Book Market of Qing Dynasty, Wenlange, from the side door. You will be really attracted by the quietness and beauty of Wenlange. When you pass through the low rockery, the front courtyard suddenly clear. Behind the corridor is a courtyard.