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Accommodation in ZUST

There are two dormitory areas in Xiaoheshan campus of Zhejiang University of science and technology, one is Donghe apartment, the other is Xihe apartment. There are two kinds of bedrooms, which can be used by four people and five people. But the structure of the two bedrooms is similar.

First of all, entering the door is a porch, here is everyone's shoe rack, the shoe rack above has everyone's exclusive cabinet. Opposite the shoe rack is the bathroom, which also has the function of shower.

Go inside, the bedroom interior is mainly used in the form of bed and table. Everyone's desk is the same, with shelves for people to put things on one side and a wardrobe on the other.Above the table are the beds.

Finally, each dormitory will be equipped with a balcony, convenient for students to dry clothes and so on.、