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Eating in ZUST

There are four canteens in Xiaoheshan campus of Zhejiang University of science and technology: there are two canteens in the teaching area of the school, namely, the Tingsong canteen and the Connor restaurant, and the two dormitory areas have one each, namely the Xihe canteen and the Donghe canteen.

There are many kinds of food in Connor restaurant, such as spicy pot, covered rice, barbecue rice, hand-made noodles, Zhengxin chicken chops, pancakes, potstickers, etc. Connor restaurant was renovated last year, so the environment is better than other canteens, and the choice is relatively diverse.But the price is slightly higher. Its advantage is that it is close to the teaching building, so students with full courses can choose to eat here at noon. In addition, there is a FamilyMart next to Connor restaurant, where you can buy all kinds of drinks, snacks, as well as Guandong cooking and pasta supply.

The Tingsong dining hall is just behind the Connor restaurant, where there are Muslim Lanzhou ramen, spicy pot and noodles. Although the canteen is relatively small, it is also very popular with teachers and students, especially the spicy pot here, which is the king of popularity!

In addition to these two canteens, there is a coffee bar in the teaching area, called "Kafu Town Coffee & Bar", where teachers and students often drink afternoon tea.

The first floor of Xihe canteen adopts manual cooking; the second floor is optional mode (the same as the first floor of Anji canteen). On the second floor, there is a Western food room. Happy is the student who likes to eat desserts. There are more kinds on the third floor, such as Korean bibimbap, braised chicken rice, steak, hamburger, Lanzhou ramen, etc.

Donghe canteen on the first floor and the second floor are using manual cooking, the dishes are more complete, the taste is also very good. On the third floor is the gym.

In addition, there are many restaurants, snack bars and bakeries in the back street of the two dormitory areas, and there are also many delicious foods in the Shima community opposite the Xihe apartment. Students can take time to explore in person.