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Notes on the 2017 graduation design (thesis) of the international civil engineering

 Notes on the 2017 graduation design (thesis) of the international civil engineering

(1)As the number of weeks of graduation practice required in the graduation practice (intership) program was increased to 8 weeks,therefore,the time of raduation design (Thesis) is limited,each person should be strictly according to the time of the school schedule from the end of November 2016 to carry out the graduation project (thesis),tutor need to pay attention to the arrangement of the guidance;

(2)The student's graduation project (thesis) document is still only two:one is Graduation Design/Thesis,another is Graduation Design/Thesis PMD,please according to the graduation design (Thesis) title of the actual situation,respectively download the design or thesis documents.Document writing,comment,fill in inspection,signature and so on are used in English,and the tutors should strictly require students to write all the content depend on the requirements of the template; 

(3)In the graduation design (thesis) inspection of the various stages,each student only needed to send two WORD files,one is Graduation Design/Thesis,another is Graduation Design/Thesis PMD,do not accept separate files;

(4)Other requirements for graduation design (thesis) documents refer to the documentation of WORD documents;

(5)When the tutor sign the graduation project (thesis),please refer to the QQ group documents which is about "International Civil Engineering  Graduate Design (Thesis) and PMD examination and guidance";

(6)In the middle of the semester, in order to do a good job in the teaching inspection,each tutor need to send the student's PMD of the electronic version before April 12, 2017,you can send it through the QQ to the teacher Cao Yuchun or sent it to Period before the teaching inspection,PMDshould be completed in the content including:Assignment,Literature Review,Proposal Report,Midterm Check Form

(7)Graduation design (thesis) of the respondent time is May 20, 2017, the specific arrangements for the subsequent released;

(8)In the process of mark appraisal,tutor's advice score (50%),the review teacher’s advice score (10%),defense score (40%),all adopt a hundred percent system,the total score with five levels (A, B, C, D, F);

(9)Before April 20, 2017, the tutor need to send the electronic version of the graduation design (thesis) achievement summary table, the graduation design (thesis) (text file name format "ID name.Doc", such as: 9120560040 Suwilanji.doc) ,the tutor also need to send PMD(file name format "ID name PMD.doc", such as: 9120560040 Suwilanji PMD.doc through the QQ offline to Cao Yuchun).The teacher need to send them by QQ to Cao Yuchun teacher or sent them to

According to topic type,respectively use Graduation Design documents or Graduation Thesis documents download as followings: