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Lectures - China, France and Brazil - Cultural Collision across Three Continents


 On the afternoon of Thursday, May 30, Sylvia C. Jasmin, a foreign French teacher from the Institute of Foreign Languages/Sino-German School of our university, gave a lecture on "China, France and Brazil: Cultural Collision across Three Continents" in classroom A2-214 at the invitation of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture. All the teachers, Sino French Civil Engineering students and foreign students participated in the activity.

In this lecture, Teacher Sylvia started with different greeting habits between China, France and Brazil, and interacts with the students under the platform. She vividly showed the differences between the cultures of the three countries to the students. When talking about the dietary culture of Chinese traditional festivals, the students spoke enthusiastically and brainstormed.

Next, she introduced French architecture, luxury, perfume and French food culture. Then she talked about the geographical location, the size of the layout, the different wine cultures and the musical instruments of different countries. She vividly described the similarities and differences of the cultures of the three countries, making students fully feel the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures, and have a better understanding and perception of the cultural impact of various countries in today's era.

Sylvia was born in Brazil and later settled in France. She was enthusiastic about language learning and research. She was proficient in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. She has rich experience in teaching Portuguese, English and French. She has traveled to the United States to teach Portuguese, English and French for many years. Then he returned to the University of Versailles in France to teach business English. As a very popular French teacher, she is also a Chinese learner who loves Chinese culture.