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one belt and one road

Report topic: Practice of industry university research based on "one belt and one road" International Education

Reported by: Jing Guoqing

Time: 15:00, September 26, 2019 location: c2-318

Jing Guoqing, Doctor, associate professor, doctoral supervisor in Beijing Jiaotong University. Over the past decade, he has been devoted to the research of track engineering, studying in Europe, visiting America and lecturing in Africa. He has presided over 3 NSFC projects, published more than 50 papers (EI and SCI) on ballasted track bed, obtained 15 patents, published Monographs on Railway ballasted track bed, lateral resistance of track bed, railway ballasted track bed, lateral resistance of track bed, teaching material railway engineering professional English, translated works higher track geotechnical engineering ballasted track bed, modern railway engineering, which are domestic ballasted track bed As one of the active explorers, he also hired the chief consultant of overseas high-speed railway ballast bed, such as Dee, mocha, Mexico, etc., the overseas chief consultant of CCCC and Hebei Jijun Group Co., Ltd., and the deputy director of national key waterproof Laboratory for special functions, and was invited to be the doctoral defense judge of universities in Norway, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.

Report Abstract: International Education and training are in the ascendant under the initiative of "one belt and one road". International education and university teachers' scientific research are contradictory and contradictory on the surface, but in essence they are unified in production, teaching and research. It is a great opportunity and challenge to integrate, enhance and sublime the work of international education and University Teachers under the initiative of "one belt and one road" initiative. The report covers international education, civil engineering (Railway Engineering), industry and research, especially how to train, integrate and develop international education for overseas students.