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Smart city and green building model

Reported by: Franck Ferdinand, engineer

Time: 13:30, September 26, 2019

Location: c2-318


Introduction to the speaker

Franck Ferdinand, engineer. At present, he is an environmental engineering teacher of Reunion University. He has good teaching experience in Colleges and universities. He is enthusiastic about helping education and regularly runs natural environment classes for Chinese children. With the leading industry theory and many architectural design results, it has been in the forefront of the industry in the field of green building engineering, and plays an important role in many industry authorities. Assist French environmental technology company to set up in China and provide environmental technology consultation for international enterprises in Asia. While serving the industry, Reunion Island is a natural ecological laboratory due to its diversity of climate and natural environment. Mr. Ferdinand actively participated in the scientific research activities of marine and Island plant ecology of reunion lagoon and the protection of endemic species, and wrote relevant papers.

Abstract: the lecture focuses on the model of smart city, especially green building. Green building is a new concept, which integrates residential, office and indoor ecological environment. In some big cities in the world, green buildings represent a new living habitat. Relying on science and technology, they can reduce the impact of the city, and improve the health level of residents by reducing air, water and ground pollution.