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structural design information technology competition held in our school

On the evening of November 27, the second publicity and implementation lecture of "national university students’ structural design information technology competition" was held in classroom c2-318. Xu Jin, head of the school and teacher of the Civil Engineering Department of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, presided over the lecture. Tong Huibo, deputy chief engineer of the Technology Department of Shenzhen Guangxia Technology Co., Ltd., member of China's "p-bim" alliance, member of the Organizing Committee and the competition group, was the keynote expert of the lecture. Teachers and students from the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Chinese German school of Engineering attended the lecture.

The lecture introduced the specific situation of the competition and the questions of the last competition. This paper analyzed the difference between forward design and reverse design of assembly structure, and introduced the basic process of assembly design through specific cases, including the input, calculation, construction drawing, split design of assembly model, and production of assembly processing drawing in Revit.

This lecture provided students with an opportunity to learn about the "National College Students' structural design information technology competition", and guided the way for them to obtain the "1 + X" building information model (BIM) vocational skill certificate issued by the Ministry of education in the future.