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Planners in the 20th anniversary of urban planning

December 11, in the warm applause of the students, Yu Shiyue, chief planning officer, town planner and 2010 alumni of urban and rural planning major of Hangzhou Qinglu planning and Design Co., Ltd., returned to the school and entered the classroom, bringing a salon lecture with the theme of "Rural Revitalization - practice of beautiful rural construction" to teachers and students of urban and rural planning.

The lecture mainly focused on "what is a beautiful village", "how to create a beautiful village" and "practice and exploration of a beautiful village". Through the practical cases, Yu Shiyue vividly told the students the skills and methods they need to master in their future work. Finally, the students had interactive questions with Yu Shiyue on professional learning and future development.

Since its establishment in 2000, the urban and rural planning major of Zhejiang University of science and technology has cultivated nearly 1000 professionals. Graduates are widely welcomed by the society, and the employment rate over the years has reached 98%. This salon was not only the presentation of the achievements of education, but also the feedback of outstanding alumni to the alma mater, helping the inheritance of professional sustainable development.