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Urban planning made great achievement in competition

The 4th "Xiaoxiang Cup" Zhejiang landscape architecture undergraduate design competition hosted by Zhejiang landscape architecture society, organized by the professional committee of landscape architecture education of Zhejiang landscape architecture society and the school of ecology of Lishui University was draped in the academic lecture hall of Liangshan College of Lishui University.

The theme of this competition is: Beautiful Chinese dream, strong hometown feeling. Through the implementation of the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", the rational protection and utilization of rural natural and human resources, scientific planning and construction of beautiful villages, the realization of green cycle and low-carbon development, the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, the promotion of Rural Revitalization Strategy, and the formation of a new pattern of harmonious development and modernization of human and nature.

The students of urban and rural planning of our school made great achievements again.

And won:

one first prize ------------

舒茶莼漾,栖院田居 - urban and rural planning class 151JI Sisi,Jin Hangxia, and Qiao Dani;

three second prizes------------

望乡拾“影” - urban and rural planning class 162, Wang Lingkai, Zhu Chenbei, Shen xuanni;

愿茵一隅,云栖闲居 - urban and rural planning class 151, Wang Manqi, Zhou Jiayu, Zhang Sixiu; 依云而栖 因创而兴 - urban and rural planning class 152 Xu Shengxin, Tu Shangjie, Ge Beiyue); Guo Li and Shi Defa, teachers of urban and rural planning, won the excellent instructor award.

During the awarding period, teachers and students of urban and rural planning major and environmental art major of Art School listened to the academic reports of "social morality and responsibility of planners - urban construction and landscaping" and "Zhejiang garden of 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition - design, construction and Exhibition", with profound connotation and rich content.

Through competition, we can stimulate the innovation ability of school students in the new era, guide school students to think about the frontier issues in the development of landscape architecture discipline and industry, display the design level of school students in landscape architecture and related disciplines and majors, and provide a platform for teaching and scientific research exchange. ( urban and rural planning class 162 Wang Lingkai / contribution)