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Online study

At the special moment  of "Epidemic Situation" , online works are carrying out.

On March 2nd 2020, our university had in a special school opening day, in order to implement the "non-stop teaching and non-stop learning" directive issued by the Ministry of Education. According to the School’s Leadership Group teaching arrangements, the school started an online teaching and learning mode in the new semester with 512 undergraduate courses and 30 graduate courses scheduled.

Gong Jianli and Zhao Dongfu, as well as others, entered the "cloud classroom" simultaneously to watch the development of some graduate and undergraduate courses, and inquired about the online teaching course arrangement and students' online learning in detail.

With the resumption of work, many people have started to work and study online. The numbers of software users have increased dramatically, which requires the support of a large number of flexible computing resources.

The following picture are the examples of our school Civil Engineering classes.