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Successful Online Selection of Sino-French Dual Degree Civil Engineering Students

The selection of 2017's senior and 2016's master's degree exchange students to France for the dual degree program of civil engineering was successfully completed. It was conducted from March 31 to April 2. Because of the epidemic situation, this year's selection was conducted via online video conference.

  The team in charge of the selection was composed of the French project leader, Jean-Louis Gallias, Bruno Fiorio, the Chinese project leader and Vice President of the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Tong Yunyun, as well as French teaching lecturers Zine Tahar, Pierre Aymeric and Mengya Li.

  After stringent video interviews, a total of 20 class of 2017 students passed the selection. They will have the opportunity to go to Seltzer Pontoise University (now renamed - CY Seltzer Paris University) in France for the one-year student exchange program in September 2020. In addition to having new opportunities, approximately 15 students will have the chance to go straight into the French College of Engineering, thus getting into the elite French education system.

  Additionally, 6 class of 2016 students were selected by the French School to study their master’s degree program. The students were chosen without taking the entrance examination and were selected via online video.