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A musical event

A musical event, with a moving song, imagine unforgettable years; with a smart melody, deduce the excitement of the times.

This is the chapter of jumping in the future, this is a stage for singing songs. The sound is a dream, and the sound soars.

Sponsored by the Committee of Zhejiang Institute of science and technology of the Communist Youth League and undertaken by the student union of Zhejiang Institute of science and technology and the Graduate Union of Zhejiang Institute of science and technology, the second round of the campus top ten singers competition with the theme of "sound as a dream and flying with sound" was officially held at a4-122 of Wenli park on April 23, 2022. The competition invited Bao Weidang, director of the art education center of Zhejiang University of science and technology and instructor of the college student art troupe, Chen Yanzheng, part-time Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Zhejiang Institute of foreign studies, and Kang Chao, former host of Beijing classic music FM fm969 / Asia FM Asia Music Station, as judges.

The semi-finals of the top ten singers on campus strictly followed the requirements of our school for epidemic prevention and control, adopted the mode of "venue + waiting room", ensured that the number of indoor main venues was within the specified number of epidemic preventions, and arranged staff to measure temperature at the entrance.

The 48 contestants are divided into four groups a, B, C and d by drawing lots, and the primary election is conducted in the order of drawing lots. Taking the group as the unit, each contestant sings songs in turn and scores through the comments of the judges. The top two of each group will directly qualify for the finals; 3, 4 and 5 players in each group enter the additional competition: according to the reverse order of the scores in the first round, 12 players sing songs in turn and score through the comments of the judges. The top 4 players get the last 4 places to qualify.

After the contestants performed wonderful singing, the judges exchanged and discussed their singing skills and expressiveness, and gave corresponding comments on the contestants' singing skills, stage typhoon, appearance and comprehensive quality.

Congratulations to the candidates that participated and qualified through to Finals.