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Pan Jinlong visiting Professor

School of Civil Engineering held the appointment ceremony and academic presentation of Pan Jinlong as a visiting professor.

On the afternoon of May 27, the School held the appointment ceremony and academic presentation of panjinlong as a visiting professor. Professor xiajianzhong, Dean of the school, issued the letter of appointment to panjinlongzheng, chairman of the board of directors of geotechnical Technology Co., Ltd., a senior engineer. Shenshusheng, Secretary of the school Party committee, presided over the ceremony.

On behalf of the school, President xiajianzhong thanked panjinlong for his support to the development of the school. He hoped that Chairman panjinlong would provide help for discipline development, social services and student employment of the school

Panjinlong expressed his thanks and would do his best to contribute to the talent training, scientific research cooperation and social services of the school. He made an academic report entitled "overview of domestic and international engineering (ecological) reconstruction and restoration market and unique technologies and special engineering materials of geotechnical technology".

Xuzheng, deputy general manager of geotechnical Technology Co., Ltd., yuliping, Minister of administration, zoubaoping, vice president of the school, and relevant teachers and graduate students of Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute and Structural Engineering Research Institute attended the event.