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Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival, the 15th day of August in the lunar calendar is one of the most important festivals in China, and it is also a traditional festival among Chinese people. The Mid Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the worship of the moon on the autumn Eve in ancient times. The Mid Autumn Festival is the synthesis of the autumn seasonal customs, which contains the festival custom factors, most of which have ancient origins. The Mid Autumn Festival symbolizes the reunion of people with the full moon. It is a cultural heritage with rich and colorful features. It is a place for people to miss their hometown and their relatives, and pray for a good harvest and happiness.

Since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival has many folk customs, such as offering sacrifices to the moon, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, playing with lanterns, appreciating osmanthus, drinking osmanthus wine and so on.

There are many lanterns hanging in public places on the full moon night of the Mid Autumn Festival. People gather together to guess the riddles written on the lanterns. Because they are the favorite activities of most young men and women, love stories also spread out in these activities. Therefore, guessing lantern riddles in the Mid Autumn Festival has also derived a form of love between men and women.

On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, looking up at the mid autumn laurel, smelling the fragrance of the laurel, drinking a cup of sweet osmanthus wine and celebrating the sweetness of the family have become a kind of beautiful enjoyment of the festival. In modern times, people often use red wine instead.


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