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Chongyang Festival

Chongyang Festival, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, is a traditional Chinese folk festival.

In the historical development and evolution of Chongyang Festival, a variety of folk customs are mixed together, bearing rich cultural connotation. In the folk concept, "Nine" is the largest number, with the meaning of long-term longevity, which is the blessing of people for the health and longevity of the elderly. In 1989, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month was designated as the "respect for the aged" day, advocating the whole society to establish the atmosphere of respecting, respecting, loving and helping the aged.

In ancient times, there was a custom of climbing high in Chongyang Festival, so it is also called "climbing high Festival". The custom of climbing in Chongyang originated from the climate characteristics and the ancient people's worship of mountains. Climbing "ciqing" also comes from the solar term in nature. On the Double Ninth Festival, climbing "ciqing" corresponds to the ancient people's spring outing in March.

In the process of historical continuation, Chongyang Festival not only integrates many folk customs, but also many cultural connotations. It is a traditional Chinese festival that blends many kinds of folk customs. The celebration of the Double Ninth Festival generally includes travel and sightseeing, climbing to the heights and overlooking the chrysanthemum, picking Chinese herbal medicine, inserting dogwood everywhere, holding a feast for the aged, eating double ninth cake, health preserving with pharmaceutical wine, drinking chrysanthemum wine and other activities. Chongyang is the time of "rising Qingqi and sinking turbid Qi".