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Laba Festival

Laba Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is commonly known as "Laba". It is held on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month. The custom of this festival is to drink Laba porridge. Laba comes from Buddhism. The word "Laba" originated in the southern and Northern Dynasties, which was also called "Labi" at that time. It was originally a winter Festival, and gradually became a household Folk Festival after the evolution of generations.

Laba porridge, also known as "seven treasures and five flavors porridge", , is a kind of porridge made of various ingredients. Laba porridge was first recorded in Song Dynasty. The history of eating Laba porridge in China has been more than one thousand years. On the day of Laba, Laba porridge is made in the imperial government, temples and people's homes. In the Qing Dynasty, the custom of eating Laba porridge was even more popular.

There is a saying that "after Laba is the year", which means the beginning of the new year. At Laba Festival, some areas are busy peeling garlic to make vinegar, soaking Laba garlic and eating Laba porridge.