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  MUKAMISHA BARBARA is a girl studys in Civil Engineering International program with her 76 classmates all over the word.

This program started at 2010, and BARBARA is one of 3rd-year student. This international program ooperate with

San Francisco State University.All courses are given in English. The students can choose to study in San Francisco State

University after they finish the first two-year study and they will get the diploma from this school. Or the students who

prefer to continue studing in ZUST will get the diploma from ZUST.

The first graduates (2010):

The second(2011) have finished thesis defense last week.

Those who were hard working:

Those who dressed formally:

Those who were doing presentation:


The third (2012)

Those future engineers:



The forth (2013)

Those wandering in the city, try to tuch the spirit of Hangzhou:


The fifth (2014)

Those versatility freshman: