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Graduation season

For the fourth year civil engineering students in ZUST, this semester was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through an internship.

We really appreciate that we get a chance  to study one semester at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and we  are happy about to live in a completely different culture and establish many  new contact.

Each student chose different projects and based on that their supervisors gave them an internship. In this internship the students of civil engineering learnt how engineers construct steel truss, columns, beams, girder, slabs, and foundation, etc.

On Saturday 15th early morning, the students of 2013 class prepared for the internship defense, all of them met with their teachers to expound and answer all their questions about this internshipexperience. The day was very productive; each of the students, one by one presented their gained knowledge to their teachers, who were highly satisfied with the results of most of them.

We are getting closer to the end of this journey after 4 hardworking years so this kind of experience are important in the education of the students. The teachers believe this class of 2013 is prepared for any challenge they could face in the future. We wish all the best for our future civil engineers. 加油!