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The 20th structural design competition and the 10th mechanics competition

Recently, the 10th College Student Mechanics Competition and the 20th College Student Structural Design Competition organized by the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering of our university have been successfully concluded.

The mechanics competition for college students was held on March 19 at Xiaohe Mountain campus. The topic of the competition was making and flying a remote-controlled rocket propulsion glider.  The participants design and build a rocket-propelled remote-controlled glider using designated materials, and use flight tests to test the flight performance of the remote-controlled glider under rocket thrust and aerodynamic loads.

The teacher's evaluation team awarded the first prize in 3 groups with 9 members from the aspects of remote control glider manufacturing and flight test. There are 3 groups of second prize (9 people) and 4 groups of third prizes (12 people).

On March 26th, the 20th Structural Design Competition for college students came to an end. The topic was structural design and model making of unequal-span two-lane and unequal-span cable bridges. It has quite high requirements for the flexural and torsional resistance of X axis and Y axis in the long span part of the model. Participants should complete the model production within the specified time, weigh the whole model after the production, and check whether the model meets the requirements of design and loading. Among them, the net weight of the lightest group of models is only more than 300 grams. Its long span adopts a truss structure, and the outermost truss is equipped with multiple suspension cables to resist the X-axis bending moment together with longitudinal rods. Transverse every other distance set a 2*6 short beam, play the role of Y axis bending resistance; The space bar system formed by the crisscross bars of the truss also plays an important role in the torsion resistance of the X axis direction. However, the bridge model of just over 300 grams can carry 14.5kg of active load, and its worst case load can reach nearly 200N, which is 60 times its own weight!

Entering the structure room, the scene of student busy making came into view. Some dig deep, cutting wood; in small groups, serious discussion. The hard work of staying up all night for several days did not diminish their enthusiasm for the competition, but increased their confidence in achieving excellent results in the competition.

The teacher's evaluation team evaluated the entries from four dimensions of carrying capacity, weight, design ideas and workmanship, and finally produced two groups of first prizes with six people. There are 5 groups of second prize (15 people) and 9 groups of third prizes (27 people). The first seven teams will be selected again and two teams will be selected to represent our school in the provincial competition.

Competition mechanics and college students structural design competition is one of the students in our school important course contests, aimed at the various train college students' innovative thinking and practical ability, cultivate teamwork spirit, enhance the capacity of engineering structure design and practice of college students, enrich the campus scientific research and academic atmosphere, to promote college students' mutual exchanges and learning.