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The "West Lake Friendship Award" was given to Civil Engineering (Sino-French Partnership) French scholar Jean-Louis Gallias.

On November 11, 2023, the province government conducted a spectacular event at the Great Hall of the People in Zhejiang Province for the tenth "West Lake Friendship Award" - Professor Jean-Louis Gallias got the honor at the occasion. The "West Lake Friendship Award" is the highest prize established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government to recognize international professionals for their excellent accomplishments and devotion to Zhejiang Province's economic growth and social development. Professor Gallias is responsible for the teaching, management, research, and development of the project as the head of the French side of the Civil Engineering (Sino-French partnership) and a member of the project joint management committee, and he continues to promote Sino-French scientific research cooperation in the field of architectural heritage protection, as well as high-level people-to-people exchanges between China and France. His accomplishments in promoting high-level international scientific research cooperation, as well as scientific research exchanges and cooperation between China and France in the field of architectural heritage research, protection, and restoration, have been lauded by the French Ministry of Education, the French Embassy in China, and the French Agency for Higher Education.